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5on Google, Jan 10, 2020
I do not understand entirely what Appy Marketing does for my business and my web presence. But I don't need to understand! What I do understand is that since hiring Kathleen and Appy, more people are finding me online. I'm thrilled by the extremely reasonable pricing and by the inarguable results! more »
Business Response:
Thanks for your vote of confidence, Lorelle! Although it might seem as if I'm a wizard "behind the curtain," there are actually specific steps that Appy Marketing takes on your behalf, regularly. But there's only so much we can do. If you weren't providing excellent care as an acupuncturist here in Santa Rosa, your web presence would suffer. Kudos to you for your education and dedication, as well as the results that your satisfied patients report!
5on Google, Jul 27, 2019
Kathleen with Appy Marketing is doing a terrific job with our Google My Business page. She has been so helpful taking our marketing to the next level. Thank you Kathleen! more »
Business Response:
Thank you, Scott! I'm excited about helping you build the online visibility and reputation for your company - you deserve it!
5on Google, Apr 30, 2019
The problem with most Google/Facebook/social media people is that they aren’t very relatable…I needed someone who thought more like me. Or at least could really identify, listen and understand.r />
These tech folk all have mad skills compared to me. But Kathleen was smart and easy to talk to. She is mature, and has solid life experience, so she helped me shape my message, and give it better exposure.

She helped me re-launch a re-branded service business, dealing with Google “closings” & “openings”, all under the the shadow of listings controlled by a hostile prior operator.

We got focused on Google reviews, and posted some fun pictures on Facebook that helped us get traction on the new page.

Those people who call and say they’re from Google are liars…Google never calls. Call Kathleen, someone you can trust, instead when you need help.
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Business Response:
Thanks, Taylor! I enjoyed working with you and appreciate the work you did on your part to help resolve the issues the business was having. Keep up the good work.
5on Google, Feb 06, 2019
Very professional and knowledgeable. Anything that makes it easier for me os a good thing. more »
Business Response:
I have enjoyed learning about your business and providing suggestions about your online presence - you are an action taker! Thanks for your feedback, Zula.
5on Google, Feb 06, 2019
Very professional and knowledgeable. Anything that makes it easier for me os a good thing. 😁 more »
Business Response:
I have enjoyed learning about your business and providing suggestions about your online presence - you are an action taker! Thanks for your feedback, Zula.
5on Google, Sep 06, 2018
Kathleen is great! Very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend her to friends and family. more »
Business Response:
Joel - thanks so much for your feedback. It was really good to see you go from having virtually no presence on Google to having a nice-looking Google My Business listing along with your Yelp and Facebook pages. Keep up the good work now that we have set your online foundation!
5on Google, Sep 06, 2018
Very knowledgeable in local marketing - Kathleen is worth her weight in gold! more »
Business Response:
I appreciate the sentiment, especially coming from you Peter, given that you are an inbound marketing specialist. Thank you!
5on Google, Jul 13, 2018
It’s difficult to express the appreciation we have for Kathleen’s talents.
She immediately identified the problems with our website, and was able to explain exactly what to do to correct tho
se problems in language we could understand!
From correcting our Google SEO, giving suggestions on images and content, organizing each page for an better customer experience, and providing an easy to follow bullet list, our web traffic has increased up to 100%!
We would happily recommend Kathleen to companies, schools, churches, and anyone that wants to bring more visitors to your website.
Two big thumbs up. Thank you Kathleen!
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Business Response:
Thank you, Curt! I always strive to do my best and I know that in the case of Pangea Promotional Products in Petaluma, we have been able to increase not only your online visibility (especially in Google My Business), but also the number of online reviews. Despite knowing about these successes, I didn't realize how much you appreciated my help. So it is very gratifying to read your words.
5on Facebook, Jul 11, 2018
Kathleen has been doing great taking me from obscure to findable. I appreciate her ability to really explain the process and lead me through the thicket. I can already see results after just a few weeks. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your review, Sharon! It's very gratifying to me to see the improvements in my clients' online visibility! Hmmm, the word "thicket" really does describe the online ecosystem. It can be very confusing and I appreciate the opportunity to lead you through it.
5on Google, Mar 27, 2018
Ms. Rhodes was a great help to me in fixing my duplicate Google Plus pages. She kept me informed and her rate was reasonable. more »
Business Response:
It was a pleasure working with you, Gabe. Thank you for your thoughtful words!
5on Google, Feb 23, 2018
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5on Facebook, Feb 03, 2018
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5on Google, Aug 23, 2017
Very educational for us non-techy people...thank you Kathleen!!! more »
5on Google, Aug 15, 2017
In terms of SEO, there are so many moving parts and no agency can be an expert at everything. Our agency does Inbound Marketing very well but we occasionally need expertise with reputation management, reviews and directory listings. When we need an expert to help us with our local business clients, we call Appy Marketing. Kathleen is the best we have met when it comes to local seo. more »
Business Response:
I appreciate the kind words, Jon. They mean a lot coming from an SEO expert like yourself and co-owner of Broadvision Marketing!
5on Yellow Pages, Jun 28, 2017
Kathy has been worth every penny. She's diligent in getting what we want done. She's also great at following up to train us on how to optimize her work.Many thanksChris Pennock SR. V.P. Calender Robinson Insurance more »
5on Google, Jun 21, 2017
Karen offers a great resource. My business has grown due to her stellar efforts. more »
Business Response:
Buffie - thanks for the review. I'll answer to "Karen," but I'm really Kathleen!
5on Google, Jun 19, 2017
I highly recommend Kathleen with Appy Marketing to help get your business found on the internet. We had just opened up a new branch and our location was not showing up in the search results. I am not sure what needed to be done; but, Kathleen made it happen! more »
Business Response:
I appreciate your kind words, Mark!
5on Google, Mar 13, 2017
Appy Marketing is a wonderful service if you need to get your business more visible locally on Google and increase your SEO visibility. The team at Appy Marketing is detail oriented and experts in their field. I would highly recommend them to local business owners. more »
Business Response:
Thanks, Lexy! I appreciate your feedback and have enjoyed working with you.
5on Google, Sep 22, 2016
I was very impressed and very pleased with Kathleen's approach to SEO and how easy it is now for my office to automatize reviews and Search Engine Optimization. Kathleen is very knowledgeable and professional. I now feel confident that I will be seen on line and get feedback from my clients!
Thank You!
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Business Response:
Thanks so much for your kind words, Jeff. It's a pleasure working with you and your team. You all are motivated to put in the work needed to make these systems effective!
5on Facebook, Sep 08, 2016
I needed my business marketing and online exposure to start off on the right track. Kathleen helped me understand why optimizing my business listing across the enternet and using social networks was so important and how Appy Marketing could do that quickly and efficiently. Thank you Kathleen. more »
5on Google, Jun 07, 2016
I'm already impressed with the Google search results for my business. And Kathleen's easy-going manner. She's so easy to work with and explains everything so you can understand it. I highly recommend Appy Marketing for online reputation. more »
5on Google, Jun 06, 2016
Appy Marketing has shown me the importance of good reviews online. Kathleen has a great system for getting directory listings cleared up and reviews from happy clients to have a positive impact on your business. I would definitely recommend to anyone who uses online marketing. more »
5on Facebook, Dec 30, 2015
Kathleen @ Appy Marketing is truly a wonderful find! My business has transitioned many times since I began and my web presence was disconnected and unclear.
My website was also dated and not mob
ile friendly. After having just two appointments with her my listings and website are back on track. I am thrilled to move into the new year with the tools that I need to grow my business. I am certain that with Kathleen's help, 2016 will be my best year ever! She has my highest recommendation. more »
5on Google, Dec 20, 2015
Outstanding job giving advice and assistance with reviews, citations, and some helpful recommendations for our web presence as well. Thank you! more »
5on Google, Dec 18, 2015
Kathleen Rhodes of Appy Marketing puts Web Marketing knowledge at your fingertips!
She is very patient explaining how the process works to people like myself who do not
always understand l
atest technology.
I would highly recommend Kathleen's web marketing services to anyone who wants to
improve their online presence.
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